San Diego, CA Accident Therapy

Old Town Chiropractic

Clients in San Diego have been trusting their post-accident treatment and therapy needs to Old Town Chiropractic for over 26 years. 

Dr. Brad Thompson has built a solid reputation as a respected practice by treating all of his clients with care and consideration. At Old Town Chiropractic, we strive to provide excellent care at affordable prices and accept most insurance providers. Auto Insurance usually covers treatments at 100% .

Those aches and pains you are experiencing after your car accident, injury or fall are an indication that the spine has suffered damage. If ignored, the pain may go away, but the spinal damage will not heal correctly. These untreated spinal injuries are the source of future pain, arthritis and radicular symptoms. The permanent damage that results may lead to a life of chronic pain and discomfort.

Our Auto Accident Therapy Services Include:

  • Diagnostic testing and X-Rays
  • Therapy and Massage Treatments
  • Whiplash prevention and treatment
  • Spinal and Joint adjustments
  • Orthopaedic and Neurologic Testing
  • Referrals if necessary

Old Town Chiropractic treats our patients with attention to detail and works to build a pain management plan that works for you. Once we have diagnosed your injuries treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, traction and other pain relief techniques. We have licensed massage therapists on staff who tend to the muscular reeducation of our injured patients. Treatment is tailored specifically for you and your injuries, it is clinically supported, and best of all, it feels so good. You will leave your appointments feeling as though you were treated at a day spa and yet you will be benefiting from the expert injury care of the chiropractors at Old Town Chiropractic.

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