Old Town Chiropractic / Dr. Brad Thompson D.C.

San Diego, CA Chiropractor

Old Town Chiropractic has distinguished itself as the premiere practice in the San Diego, CA area. For over 26 years Dr. Brad Thompson has conquered kinks, soothed sore backs and aided athletes in distress while building a reputation of professional excellence. 

Old Town Chiropractic's Services Include:

  • Family Care - Back and neck relief, chronic pain management, carpal tunnel treatment and more
  • Auto Accident Therapy - Diagnostics, therapy, whiplash prevention and treatment
  • Sports Injuries - Recovery plans, flexibility optimization, pain relief

Reasons why people seek Dr. Brad Thompson for their health needs:

  • Professional athletes use Dr. Brad to optimize performance and balance with state of the art techniques that accelerate soft tissue healing
  • Specific Exercise prescription to accelerate correction
  • Specialized Flexion-Distraction Adjusting Table for relief of low back pain and disc injuries

We accept a wide range of insurance providers and welcome walk-ins. Trust us to get you on the right path to improved health.

Dr. Thompson has a cool clinical head, warm caring heart and gentle healing hands. He is a credit to the chiropractic profession in general. He has a rare combination of clinical skill, compassion and genuine concern and understanding that helps align one’s spirit as well as one’s spine.
— Dr. Ross Ziegler, Neurologist
I am very impressed with Dr. Thompson’s technique and special ‘gift’ of helping, and his ability to focus on the injured areas. He is the type of chiropractor that makes me proud to be in this profession, and I truly know that he is among the best we have.
— Dr. Nancy Doreo, Chiropractor

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