Chiropractic Adjustments can "PUMP YOU UP"

MRI Technology can finally demonstrate the diffusion of water within your discs after a single adjustment to the spine. A 2014 study visualized gas, water and nutrient transport and aided in the removal of metabolic waste products that were associated with pain. More of these kind of studies need to be published to educatepeople of the benefits of Chiropractic over time rather than opting for the quick fix of meds or surgery that lead to further degenerative conditions.

Preventative / Maintenance care (usually referred to simply as “Maintenance care”) is occasional care, usually once a month or so, in order to keep your joints moving properly and your spine in proper alignment, thereby reducing the likelihood that you will become injured and require more frequent, acute care. Think of Maintenance care as being similar to visiting your dentist for periodic cleanings and routine check ups. It is a whole lot easier, less painful and less expensive to get regular check ups than to wait till you have a toothache before you visit the dentist. With chiropractic care, it works much the same way.

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